Global Leader in Polyurethane Solutions

Rim Polymers was established in 1982 and it started manufacturing and selling its own GMA brand of polyurethane processing equipment and solutions in 2000. GMA stands for “Good Machine Always” which reflects our commitment to high quality machines and services.

Over the past decade Rim Polymers has also matured and prospered in parallel with the territory.



Year 2014


  • A major breakthrough for Rim Polymers, as we were awarded key orders to supply a Turn Key Pentane system to the insulation panel and AHU industries in Malaysia. We supplied the complete Premix system, Pentane storage system, new foaming machines and conversion of old foaming machines.
  • Rim Polymers has clinched many big orders to supply complete Pentane Technology and equipment to Vietnamese factories who produce Sandwich insulation Panels. These include GMA PX40 Premix Unit, H200CPR High Pressure Foaming Machine, safety and ventilation system etc.
  • Supplied to first panel maker customer in Thailand a “2+2” 12.5M press with our foaming machine designed for producing insulation panels with Pentane System, including safety system such as Ventilation system, automatic gas sensor detecting system,safety control panel etc.
  • We supply a GMA HRIM-10 machine to a Tier One automotive interior parts manufacturer in Shanghai China who produce “Fuel Injection Pump Holder” and other special parts with special chemical systems containing different types of fillers.

Year 2010-2013


  • Supply to Shanghai VW, OEM factory, New 4 components special block foam machine(with carbon black graphite filler & fire Retardant additives) for engine cover.
  • Supply to Hisense China Refrigerator Factory in Africa. GMA Multi-Components Premix Plant with proper closed circuit temperature conditioning of the chemicals, it enhances the quality of the foam in a proper and right condition for mixing.
  • Supply to a Sri Lanka refrigerator factory, complete with GMA premix unit designed to blend Cyclopentane & base Polyol; and GMA High Pressure Injection Foaming Machine with Twin head system for door and cabinet production.
  • Supply to an Indian OEM Steering Wheel Factory to India TATA. One GMA H40 High Pressure Foaming machine designed to work with 4 GMA Color Dosing systems to provide our client with option to use different colors for their required steering wheel production.


  • Successful launching of new PU Carpet Underlay Plant.
  • Major PU machine supplier to China automotive market for glass encapsulation, head rest, seat, Dashboard & carpet underlay etc.
  • Small output PU foam machine for filling both side of the continuous Rockwool insulated Panel production plant.


  • Sold many HP machines for South Korea Automotive parts and insulation application & become one of the market leader.
  • Dominant supplier for Solar Heater Insulation plants in China.
  • Launched patent pending Multiple blowing agents Premix units dedicated for mixing high viscosity raw Polyol with multiple types of blowing agents, etc.
  • Successfully launched special PU skin spray machine for Automotive Dashboard.


  • Set up Moscow Representative office and have established good market penetration in Russia market (3 units High pressure Pentane-able machines for KZK Frige Co).
  • Sold state-of-the-art plant (comprising GMA High Pressure Foaming Machine, hydraulic press and ABB Robot) to produce Automotive Carpet Underlay in Shanghai.
  • Supply to Hyundai / KIA’s OEM Co for the carpet underlay plant.
  • Supply to Hyundai’s OEM for expanding their steering wheel plant in Chennai, India.
  • Involved in several joint R&D projects with major China fridge companies (Hisense , Midea & Konka).

Year May 2000 - 2009

Jun 2009

  • Supply world first new H10 model High Pressure PU Machine and 24 station turn table for direct injection shoe application in China.

Feb 2009

  • Supplied new plant for Germany-China JV to produce Automotive Sun Shade system.

Sept 2008

  • Successful start-up new cold-room PU panel plants in Middle East, India & Russia.

Sept 2007

  • Business network expansion of CEH Group goes into high gear with the addition of several new offices in China & India bringing a total of 18 offices in China, 8 offices in India complementing all other offices in major cities of Asia-Pacific region.

Sept 2006

  • In close cooperation with Honeywell, USA and Linuo Paradigma Ltd for the first launch of solar energy water heater using Enovate-3000, HFC-245fa blowing agent.

Oct 2005

  • Entered into Indian PU market and introduced GMA brand of PU equipment and technology at PU Tech 2005 in India.

Sept 2004

  • Achieved PSB ISO 9001:2000 and IQNet certification.

Apr 2003

  • Sold more than 10 plants for pipe insulation production, including high pressure model H300, (world’s highest through-out high pressure dispensing machine) in Asia region.

Dec 2002

  • Sold many H200 units and hydraulic presses (up to 13 meters in panel length) to Rigid Foam Panel factories, particularly in PR China.
  • Introduced the first ever warning system through SMS device for GMA’s high pressure machine suitable for using cyclopentane at UTECH Asia ’02 fair.

Nov 2001

  • Sold many high & low pressure dispensing foaming machines (Including pentane system and pentane polyol premix unit).

May 2000

  • CEH group has ceased cooperation with Cannon Italy group since May 2000. Rim Polymers, a fully owned subsidiary of CEH group has since taken over the new business activities of Polyurethane foam injection machines & plants, and established strategic business alliance with Gusmer-Admiral Inc, USA. Rim Polymers has developed its own PU equipment under "GMA" brand. Today it has become a globally recognized brand.

Year 1982 - May 2000

1982 - May 2000

  • Sold about 800 units of both low pressure & high pressure PU foaming plants in Asia


  • Cannon Urethane Technology (Asia) Pte Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of CEH group, was formed up in cooperation with Cannon Group, Italy to promote their full range of PU machines and plants in Asia region.